Adanac Gateway

A modern employment hub framed by contemporary barn-styled offices

Located at Southampton’s largest and newest office park the development of Yew Tree Farm combines old and new to create a sensitively designed business centre.

Modern Employment Hub
Image courtesy of Turley


Applying Green and Blue Infrastructure

Appointed by Quartz Project Services on behalf of Oceanic Estates, we are creating design proposals for the existing Grade II listed Yew Tree Farm. The Adanac Park space is a mixed-use development designed around a framework of green and blue infrastructure, defined by structural tree planting, wildlife rich SuDS and amenity spaces.


Sketch Concept


Walled Garden Concept

Forming one of ten separate development parcels, our landscape proposals for Yew Tree Farm will expand on the concept of a walled garden agreed at outline, creating a microclimate for staff and visitors to enjoy as an outdoor working space.

The farm is framed by a cluster of contemporary barn-styled offices designed by Boyle and Summers Architects which together create a series of intimate spaces. Our planting design uses formal hedgerows, contemporary herbaceous planting and manicured lawns to define a series of spaces including a central event space and intimate breakout areas.


Cost Effective Landscapes

To reinforce the wider Adanac Park landscape framework, our planting plan aims to help define the site, reinforce ecological connectivity and protect the views. Our cost effective approach includes areas of low upkeep, such as wildflower meadows and wetland margins, through to areas requiring higher intensity management, such as ornamental office gardens.

The project is due to be completed in late 2019.


Oceanic Estates


Boyle and Summers Architects, Quartz, Ecosupport, Paul Basham Associates