A sensitive landscape approach to creating a safe, caring and friendly environment for residents and families.

Tetbury care home


Porthaven Care Homes


Condy Lofthouse, Nicholson Jones Partnership

Working closely with Porthaven Care Homes, we have established a landscape design model that has been rolled out across a number of new Care Homes. Our biggest satisfaction has been in seeing new residents engaging with the environment, socialising with neighbours and personalising the garden areas with family members and staff.

Our involvement with Porthaven at Carshalton goes back to their establishment in 2010 and, since then, we have worked closely to formulate a landscape design approach that embraces their philosophy to the well-being of residents. We always look to provide flexibility to individual needs and focus on the importance of gaining well-being through engagement with the local environment.

Every one of Porthaven’s homes offers a blend of residential, nursing, and dementia care needs and this model to individual caring has informed our approach to the external environment at Carshalton. This has led to us developing a series of open communal spaces for social events and gentle exercise, through to intimate private terraces allowing residents to relax and personalise their space.

We are extremely proud of the relationship we have established with Porthaven, Condy Lofthouse Architects, and Nicholson Jones Partnership Engineers to create a landscape that responds to healthcare and the individual site complexities. Our expertise in horticulture and garden design has enabled us to create a concept of ‘Garden Rooms’ that provide an abundance of colour, scent and textures – the emphasis being on creating a domestic scale environment where residents and families feel at home.