A blueprint for creating a sustainable retail destination


Marks and Spencer


Aukett Swanke, Gleeds, Simons Group, AECOM



The Marks & Spencer store at Cheshire Oaks is their largest and greenest store ever built.

The award-winning store, which took several years to complete, is designed to be the most carbon efficient store to date and addresses several areas of sustainability at once: water, carbon, waste, biodiversity and community, materials, travel, and access.

Whilst at Whitelaw Turkington, founder director Phil Deacon developed the scheme from planning consent through to construction using innovative landscape solutions under the M&S PlanA scheme – a 100-point, five-year eco plan which included:

  • A permanent pond feature as attenuation to the car park surfaces;
  • Bio-Engineering solutions to form new watercourses habitat opportunities;
  • Pedestrian bridges and viewing decks;
  • Cost effective green walls to screen the single story car parking;
  • Form a palette of plants that would maximise the sites green credentials in order to achieve the BREEAM credits;
  • Implement wayfinding and signage to use the landscape as an educational tool for the local school curriculum as well as customers; and
  • Ensuring all materials were sustainably sourced.