Midhurst Urban Greening Initiative – The Power of ‘Green’ 

Working with Midhurst Vision to present the next stage of the exciting regeneration project!

Deacon Design is proud to be a part of the collaborative process that is the Midhurst Vision. Earlier in the week, we presented proposals for the evolution of Midhurst and it was exciting to hear the feedback. It was a truly positive evening, and opens up the forum to Midhurst with the public exhibition.

Introducing urban greening and improved wayfinding to Midhurst is the key aim to this project, hoping to rejuvenate the town and improve the sense of wellbeing for all. We started this project reviewing the town, studying the character areas and noting the positives and potential improvement areas. Given that Midhurst is at the heart of the South Downs National Park, there has been key considerations and an aim to ‘Bring the South Downs In’ by way of regreening the town and celebrating the location and the Town’s gateway to the National Park. 

We aim to create a framework for the Midhurst Vision, building a functional masterplan document to allow future plans to create a cohesive design and direction for the town. A number of montages have been developed to show the aspirational concepts for some of the Town’s key gateways and public realm areas. 

The importance of Urban Greening is becoming increasingly recognised, especially in a post-covid environment. It’s now understood both locally and internationally the value of urban greening; providing more than just be attractive but a key tool for addressing climate change, providing economic and social benefits as well as physical and mental health improvements. 

The public exhibition at the Grange Leisure Centre is open to all until the 28th October 2022 and is available on We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas for Midhurst.