The importance of urban greening

Populations are growing, many UK towns have declared a climate emergency and Councils are faced with finding new creative solutions to address flooding risks, habitat loss and relieving infrastructure pressures.

Urban greening – or the process of creating positive relationships between city dwellers and their environments, is the answer. Green features help to clean our air, reduce the risk of flooding and keep our cities cool.

Green and Blue Infrastructure

Green and blue infrastructure techniques such as parks, green roofing and walls and wetlands make our communities better places to live, work & invest.

What are the other benefits of Urban Greening?

  • Up to 7% increase in house prices. Source: Landscape Institute
  • Improved air quality
  • Undisturbed homes for bats, bees and birds
  • Positive impact on mental health and well-being
  • Urban greening counteracts the ‘heat island effect’ (see thermal image below)


Heat island effect

To achieve the best outcome, architects and landscape architects must collaborate from the early stages of design.