Will you be a tree champion?

At this time of year, as we are surrounded by spectacular autumn colours, let’s remind ourselves of the importance of tree planting on every project. Read more to see how tree planting not only helps our environment but will also help you gain planning permission more readily.

Autumn colour tress

Climate change adaptation

The average person’s carbon footprint for a year is equal to 48 trees being planted. (Source: BBC Countryfile).

However, tree planting across the UK is in decline; just 1,420 hectares of woodland was created against the Government aspirational target of 5,000 per year (Source: Forrestry Commission). At the same time pests and diseases are on the increase across the UK threatening some of our much-loved native species including the English Oak and Ash.

Why plant trees?

 The benefits of trees are well documented, but did you know that the preservation and planting of trees:

  • Helps developers in gaining planning permission for urban development much more readily;
  • Can increase property prices between 5% and 18%. (Source: Construction Industry Research);
  • Reinforces well-being by helping us to connect with our circadian rhythm’s associated with the change of seasons;
  • Helps to address climate change events by slowing down storm-water and reducing the heat island effect; and
  • Provides food, refuge and associated habitats for wildlife allowing urban populations to interact with nature;

Trees transform streets

Trees are designed to grow in natural conditions so any urban situation is going to prove a challenge but with appropriate soil conditions, modern tree pit designs, climate resilient species selection and giving enough room to grow they can transform a street.

Kempton Racecourse tree planting in 2008 (left) and again in 2019 (right)

Phil Deacon’s previous career in horticulture included 2 ½ years at Hillier Nurseries and his passion for tree planting borne from his time in the fields is shared across the practice today.

As part of our soft landscape design services, we can help design in tree planting and associated costs at an early stage making them a key consideration of your development. We have the software to allow us to fully integrate tree planting with the external infrastructure design, avoiding clashes that can often lead to tree removal at the technical stage.

If this article doesn’t convince you to plant more trees, we’d recommend a visit to a local tree nursery to get a real feel for what trees can do for your site. We guarantee that you will come away with a new awareness of the value of tree planting.

If you would like to obtain more details on the support we can provide in specifying trees, our approach to biosecurity or a visit to a nearby nursery please get in touch.

You can also get involved with National Tree Week, find out more.