Taking a contextual design approach to a new contemporary dwelling within the South Downs National Park


Konextions Ltd


Ken Freivokh Design, Barrell Tree Consultancy



In this substantial residential development, landscape and architectural design work harmoniously to provide a narrative reflecting the site’s wooded setting. It uses modern construction techniques and materials to maximise natural light, creating a seamless relationship with the outdoors.

Quadrangular Modules

The architectural design, is formed of three quadrangular modules encompassing day living , sleeping, car parking, storage and guest accommodation linked together by glazed walkways and relaxation spaces.

This flow presented an opportunity to connect the indoor living space with the outdoor landscape. Along with the natural timber materials this has helped to nestle the development into the woodland setting.

Woodland Character

The pool and dining terraces provide opportunities for outdoor entertainment with stepping-stone paths linking to the woodland glades that wrap around the building. The key success of the design has been the ability to maintain the woodland character and enclosure whilst increasing the development footprint and amenity areas.

The contemporary planting design uses formal hedges to help define key spaces, connections and intimate seating that act as a frame for the more ornamental woodland under-storey planting to wrap around the building.

Our appreciation of the National Park planning system meant that a rigorous landscape approach was a must to inform the proposed development layout and integration with the landscape setting. This included an in-depth appraisal of the site and local context to identify any key landscape characteristics, visual envelope and materials that would ensure a landscape-led response, a key requirement for all development within the South Downs National Park.