Bringing green infrastructure to the daily commute


Reading Borough Council


Design Engine Architects, Peter Brett Associates, Salix



A new pedestrian-cycle bridge over the River Thames, linking to Reading Train station became the catalyst to wider environmental and community improvements. 

The landscape strategy, commissioned by Reading Borough Council, improves connectivity to the urban park known as Christchurch Meadows. This included enhancements to the riverbank habitats and the adjacent equipped play area.

In keeping with the parkland’s character, specimen tree planting has shaped a distinct ‘welcome mat’ leading up to the new bridge. Flood compensation measures and modern bioengineering techniques have created a new wetland habitat along the river.

Whilst at Influence Environmental, Philip Deacon worked closely with lead engineers Peter Brett Associates and river restoration specialists Salix to create a series of wetland habitats that together provide a sustainable, ecologically rich environment achieved by an appreciation of the landscape character and its unique sense of place.

Following completion in 2015, the project was commended for a Civic Award in 2016.